Interview: Spotlight on the Community

I was so pleased that my longtime friend Drew Schlosberg recently invited me to chat with him about our just-published book on his show:

Drew has helped so many nonprofits in our community over his 30+ year career: he’s has been affiliated with The San Diego Union-Tribune since 1984, specializing in community and public relations strategy and implementation in his role as Community & Public Relations Director, Consultant, and Advertising Relations Director of one of the nation’s largest media outlets. Along the way, he’s served on more np boards than I can count, including current service with Junior Achievement, San Diego Council on Literacy, Classroom of the Future Foundation, Avid Education Program, Susan G. Komen San Diego, and a bunch more. And he still has time to host a radio show!

With all this hands-on experience, he should have written our book, and probably would have done a better job! But, it was great fun to share our collective thoughts about how nonprofits can improve their sustainability.

Many thanks Drew, and for all the great support you’ve given to our community.

Here is a link to our chat:

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  1. David– I am humbled by your kind comments; I considered it an honor to interview you on your impactful book. Be well, Drew.

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