Heather Carpenter, Ph.D

Dr. Carpenter is Associate Professor and Director of Nonprofit and Philanthropy Programs of the the Business & Economics Department, at the School of Arts, Sciences, and Business at Notre Dame of Maryland University. Heather teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Nonprofit Management, Business, Marketing, Communications, Strategic Planning, Nonprofit Financial Management, and Human Resources. She is the co-author of the book The Talent Development Platform: Putting People First in Social Change Organizations and Nonprofit Crisis Management: Response to Covid 19 and has published articles on the topics of talent management, experiential education, nonprofit management education, and nonprofit leadership. Each semester Professor Carpenter and her students conduct applied projects with local nonprofit organizations, such as social media plans, financial sustainability plans, talent development plans, board manuals etc. Ms. Carpenter enjoys conducting customized trainings for organizations across the United States on a variety of topics such calculating return on investment for talent, identifying nonprofit management competencies within your organization, and how to develop internal talent. 


@heathercarpente, linkedin: heathercarpenter2, instagram @professorcarpenter