Helen Ekman, Ph.D.

Dr. Helen Eckmann is currently an Assistant Professor at Brandman University School of Business and Professional Studies. This year Helen is going up for promotion for Full Professor. Helen teaches Ethics, Innovation, Supply Chain and Sustainability at Brandman in the MBA and BBA programs. Helen has her own consulting business, JamesLConsulting.com, http://www.jameslconsulting.com/ for that work she was awarded the San Diego Business Woman of the year for NAWBO https://www.nawbo.org/ National Association of in 2009. Helen consults Fortune 100 companies for strategies in leadership to create long-term profitability. Helen has been teacher of the year at Brandman as well as the Chair of several Academic Committees, including Academic Integrity. Helen has published five books and chapters in books as well as articles on her subject areas.

Helen graduated from University of San Diego the School of the Science of Education and Leadership in 2003. For the past 26 years Helen has been a survivor of breast cancer. She is the founding member of Sanford Burnham Cancer Research Center Community Advisory Board. In that capacity she works with researchers, scientists to inform the community of resent research breakthroughs. Helen helped the research center at their fundraising event “Nordic Nights” in October of 2019. She assisted the organization to net $600,000. This is the video made at her home, shown at the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdJDCU-lH_U. She also assists National Institute of Health organizations with grants, including the Department of Defense.

Helen is happily married to Jim Eckmann for almost 35 years, she has four kids that she likes and like her.