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Review of Building Smart Nonprofits

A much-needed overhaul plan for the nonprofit model . . . O’Brien and Craig encourage pushing for greater transparency in reporting of spending and overhead; cultivating trust with donors by identifying major issues early on, rather than avoiding problems until they become unavoidable; and overcoming a view common among nonprofit boards of debt as “anathema to good fiscal stewardship” and instead guiding them toward seeing credit as a valuable tool. Any nonprofit leader thinking that there must be a better way will find persuasive answers here.
— Publishers Weekly

Bored Boards? Not Anymore! by David O’Brien published on April 22, 2020
The Pandemic: Bonfire of the Vanities on Steroids by David O’Brien
published on June 16, 2020
A Ford Called Wanda: One Foundation Proves Nonprofit Debt
is Not a Four- letter Word
by David J. O’Brien and Matthew D. Craig
published on July 29, 2020


David and Matt’s interview with Professor Paula Cordeiro at the University of San Diego’s annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium:


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