Building Smart Nonprofits

After 2 years of planning, interviewing, and writing, our book has been published and will be released next month.

Over a  year and a half,  we conducted 60 interviews with nonprofit leaders around the country, and we look forward to sharing their thoughts on subjects ranging from emerging sources of capital, the continued demise of the “overhead myth” in grantmaking,  to how to evaluate program effectiveness and tell the story. 

Some early comments/endorsements…….

Whether you are a board member of a nonprofit, work for a foundation or involved in running a nonprofit organization, Building Smart Nonprofits is a must read. The authors skillfully cover the core fundamentals of nonprofits, supplemented by keen insights on major trends affecting the sector.  The book is rich with best in class examples and thought provoking suggestions for improving the governance, funding and operations of nonprofits.  I can’t wait to explore several new ideas with the organizations I currently serve. Bruce Hoyt, Director, IndieDwell Colorado and Former Senior Vice President, Gary Community Investments

In Building Smart Nonprofits, David O’Brien and Matthew Craig share decades of experience and insights into nonprofit leadership. By bringing together interviews with more than 60 industry leaders, they have created an impressive compendium of best practices for the nonprofit world. This book is a must-read for nonprofit executives, foundation heads, board chairs and philanthropists.”  Jonathan A. Greenblatt, CEO and National Director, Anti-Defamation League

“O’Brien and Craig provide a practical set of pathways to reach one of the most elusive goals for any nonprofit organization: financial sustainability. In an accessible and engaging style, drawing on the work of many nonprofit organizations and their talented leaders, they unpack the elements that contribute to financial sustainability. Theirs will be an important contribution to the growing literature on the nonprofit sector.”  Jim Canales, President & Trustee, Barr Foundation

“Effective leadership is just as important in the nonprofit world as it is in the for-profit world.  O’Brien and Craig show how good leadership can help build sustainable funding models, and why good boards are paramount to a fully functioning nonprofit organization.  No nonprofit and no philanthropist should be without a copy of BUILDING SMART NONPROFITS.”  Ali R. Malekzadeh, Ph.D., President of Roosevelt University

In a fast changing world, the nonprofit sector is continually looking for creative new ways to keep up. In BUILDING SMART NONPROFITS, David O’Brien and Matthew Craig emphasize that historical fundraising models are not sustainable, and they offer a roadmap for mission success. This book is a must read for any nonprofit leader.”  Dace West. Vice President of Community Impact, The Denver Foundation

 “O’Brien and Craig have produced a work of significant insight for nonprofits.  It will be of great value not only to their target audience of small to mid-sized organizations, but for the big guys as well…and should help all of us achieve a higher level of success as we advance into a very rapidly changing future.”  Clifford Hague, Trustee. San Diego Zoo Global

“The wide range of challenges and approaches that our non-profit sector seeks to address has grown exponentially over the past two decades, while we have simultaneously seen an unprecedented creation of wealth, so it begs the question about how well we are connecting those with this capacity to support those who seek to do good. O’Brien and Craig have created a highly readable, unique, compelling, and timely road map for non-profits to understand this landscape and fulfill their missions.”  John Vasconcellos, President, Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts

“Absolutely, THE collection, of the most important, current and innovative work happening throughout the country to strengthen nonprofits and expedite organizational potential.  A must read for leaders, board members and anyone who cares about changing the world.”  Yolanda Coentro, President and CEO, Institute for Nonprofit Practice

The landscape of Corporate America is rapidly changing, and. Governance practices are demanding more emphasis on Shareholder values, not to be confused Shareholder value, specifically social and environmental concerns which are leaning into the “triple bottom line”.  Nonprofits have not necessarily adjusted their Corporate Governance and business strategy to these changing times, the “olde tin cup “approach to Non Profit sustainability is over. Building Smarter Non Profits is an anthology of best practices and new concepts for the “new” nonprofits to consider. It is an excellent book, written from a base of experience in the Corporate World and Non Profit by the authors: it’s a must read!”  Bob Watkins, Vice Chair, The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation, East Hampton, New York

We hope Building Smart Nonprofits  will be of interest to a large, general worldwide audience, including; 

  • Graduate & undergraduate students in business, nonprofit leadership, social entrepreneurship, public administration

  • Volunteers, board members, & staff of nonprofits

  • Philanthropists, grantors, and funders

  • Public policy practitioners and national, state, and local government personnel

  • For- profit professionals, CRS personnel, and service providers

The exponential rise in interest and importance of social entrepreneurship, CRS programs and hybrid organizations such as certified benefit corporations has driven a voluminous amount of books & publications.    Building Smart Nonprofits  is designed to be complimentary to these important works as a practical handbook on what is being done and how to do it.

We welcome your comments and suggestions………..

Some early, pre-publication endorsements ……..