Our latest podcast ….

Although we no doubt don't qualify for the "superhumans at work" moniker, we had a great time with host Jason Cambell in this conversation. Interesting that he had a live audience after the podcast calling in with questions from around the world (he was hosting from his home in Bali). Judging from their questions, nonprofit… Continue reading Our latest podcast ….

I miss the galas!

My wife and are were chatting the other day about the joys (?) of being together 24/7 for a whole year and one of us said: “Wouldn’t it be great to get all dressed up, go downtown, and see all the people we know at one of our favorite nonprofit's annual galas?" Since you are… Continue reading I miss the galas!

Diverting Restricted Funds During a Crisis

In these difficult times, a number of nonprofits and their boards are forced to contemplate the use of restricted funds (gulp!) as last-ditch efforts to keep the lights on. In this insightful and, unfortunately all too timely article, Distinguished Fellows Mary Dowling and May Harris, Partners at For Purpose Law Group, provide important guidance on… Continue reading Diverting Restricted Funds During a Crisis

A Ford Called Wanda

Being finance types, Matt and I got excited when we read about the Ford Foundation's announcement of their $1 billion bond issue. Supported by their endowment, proceeds will be used to substantially increase their grant making to help nonprofits struggling through the pandemic. Great leadership and brilliant financial strategy! See the details in our article… Continue reading A Ford Called Wanda

Howdy Partner! How to get real with your board

These are times that more than ever, Nonprofits must effectively use the deep expertise of their board members. Here's a post from Distinguished Fellow Pat Libby that provides some valuable tips. If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, I must be insane.  My least popular blogs are about… Continue reading Howdy Partner! How to get real with your board